Bluehost Review

Bluehost review
Bluehost Expert Review

I have been using Bluehost web hosting since 2016, and I know all the pros and cons of this provider.

Most of my sites run on shared hosting and a dedicated server from Bluehost. Every day I monitor all important hosting parameters to be sure that I do not lose traffic and customers.

This review of Bluehost is written exclusively from my experience and the opinions of real customers of this hosting. If you want to know all the information about this famous hosting, read this review to the end.

If you want around-the-clock customer support, unlimited bandwidth, cheap hosting rates, and at least five email accounts, choose Bluehost. In addition to these benefits, you will receive a free domain for one year, which can be obtained by new customers when buying a shared hosting. Pricing plans for hosting start at $2.75 per month, includes one website, 50 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, five parked domains and 25 sub-domains. For more information, see the official website.

If you need high performance, 99.99% uptime and 500ms fast load time, consider web hosting from Bluehost.

Attention! To buy hosting on Bluehost, you will have to pay for it for at least one year, it is $71.40 ($5.95 for 12 months). If your budget is not calculated, I advise you to use hosting from FastComet.

General Information About Bluehost Hosting

Speed: 500ms (July 2016 to October 2019 average)
Uptime: 99.99% (July 2016 to October 2019 average)
Support: 24/7 Expert Support
APPS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Social Networking Scripts, Moodle, Message Forum and more
Features: Unmetered Bandwidth, Free Domain Name for 1st Year, Free SSL, 1-Click WordPress Install
Hosting Plans: Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, WP Pro, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting, Reseller hosting, WooCommerce
Site Transfer: One time $149.99 fee
Pricing: Starting at $3.95/mo (renews at $7.95/mo)

The History of Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost was established by Matt Heaton in 1996, and has positioned itself as a free hosting company called In 2003, it was re-branded as a hosting company and the name was changed to Bluehost. Since then, the company has changed dramatically and has become a world leader among hosting providers.

Over the years, the company has grown dramatically and currently hosts more than 2.5 million websites worldwide.

Bluehost has been actively cooperating with WordPress for more than 10 years. The company has a specialized group of employees who are responsible for this direction. You can always get qualified support programmers and SEO professionals who are engaged in WordPress. Thanks to this collaboration, Bluehost was able to create a cheap and high-performance hosting service for WordPress.

Bluehost provides open source access to all of its internal tools and scripts. The entire infrastructure is built on open source software.

Choose Quality Hosting From Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the leaders among hosting companies. If someone wants to buy inexpensive web hosting with good performance, they will most likely choose Bluehost. Many hosting companies offer hosting at a very low price, but is it worth buying? I think you need a hosting provider that is responsible for the quality of hosting, uptime, performance, and meets all the requirements of modern web hosting.

Bluehost is a hosting provider that has been in high demand among customers for over 16 years. The company effectively serves the websites of customers around the world, providing only quality services.

Remember, choosing a web hosting service is a more responsible step than you think. Your web hosting service will directly affect the performance of your website, page load speed, and your profits. Always choose quality hosting to gain a competitive advantage and take your business to the next level.

Pros For Bluehost Customers

Many people want to know the pros and cons of hosting from Bluehost to make the right choice. This is the right decision and now you will learn the main advantages of using this hosting service. I have collected what are, in my opinion, the most important positive features of the provider.

1. Amazing Server Uptime ~99.9%

The smooth operation of the site is critical. Server uptime is the time when your site is online and accessible to users. The average uptime of hosting is ~99%, which is considered good enough. But not all providers keep this promise.

Unlike many hosting providers, Bluehost is guaranteed to provide high performance websites. On Bluehost, the average uptime is about ~99.9% (according to our tests). This value is achieved with shared hosting, which is the cheapest. And if you use cloud hosting, VPS, or dedicated servesr? Think in this case that you can expect 100% performance from your server.

Do not risk your site, choose a reliable hosting provider that gives guaranteed 99% uptime. Otherwise, you risk losing your customers and business as a result. Your users should always be able to access the site.

2. Server Speed Is Incredibly Fast

Of course, Bluehost is not the fastest web hosting service in our ratings, but the site loading speed can be optimized up to 400 MS. The speed of the site also depends on the server that you will use. If it is important for you that the site loads very quickly, use a VPS or dedicated server.

Do not forget to use additional tools to increase the speed of loading of the site. There are now many tools for site owners that can increase the speed of the site up to 10 times. I recommend everyone use the CDN system, even if you have a small website.

The most popular ones I use are CDN: CloudFlare, StackPath, CacheFly, KeyCDN.

For example, CloudFlare is a CDN platform that will store copies of your website and all files on different servers around the world. When a visitor comes to your site from the UK, for example, he will be given the content that is stored on the nearest server in London.

Google claims that most websites, especially the mobile version, are very slow and because of this, lose their customers.

What is the danger of slow loading of a site? Google can lower the position of your site due to slow loading, or even completely throw it out of the search engine index.

Be sure to use CDN to make your site load very fast. After all, this is no less important than the uptime of the site.

3. Low Starting price for hosting ($2.95/mo)

On Bluehost – very favorable prices for shared hosting, which starts from $3.95/mo if you buy hosting for 3 years. There is a little trick you can use to get the price at $2.95/mo.

To take advantage of this offer of $2.95/mo, you need to go to the checkout page, then choose a plan for 3 years and try to close the site. You will see a pop-up window like this:

Offer Bluehost
Special Offer Bluehost $2.95/mo*

You can take advantage of this offer from Bluehost if you are willing to buy hosting for 3 years.

For this price, you get full web hosting, which includes: 1 website, 50 GB SD Storage, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL and more.

As a result, you get high-performance web hosting at the lowest price.

4. Daily File Backups

Many people do not realize this, but site backups are a very important function. Imagine that you have made a successful website; you make a profit but do not make a backup of the site every day. There will come a day when your site may be hacked or there will be another problem, which can cause your files to be damaged. If you have not backed up your site, you will not be able to restore your site and will lose business in 1 day.

That’s why automatic backups are so important for all site owners!

Bluehost offers a service for daily backup of sites, on all tariff plans. At the moment, backups have limitations, so I recommend using third-party services to store the site or use WordPress plugins for automatic backups in the Cloud, such as Dropbox.

5. Simple Hosting For Beginners

Many web hosting services are so complex that they are suitable only for professionals.

For example, DigitalOcean is a great service that opens up great opportunities for developers, but it is not suitable for beginners. If the hosting does not have cPanel or another convenient hosting control panel, beginners should not use such hosting.

Bluehost cPanel
Bluehost cPanel

On Bluehost, a convenient hosting control panel from cPanel is understandable to any beginner. Even if something is not clear, there is a step-by-step guide to install the site on the hosting. In addition, through cPanel, you can install any CMS, such as WordPress or Drupal, in 1 click.

This is why most users choose Bluehost as their first hosting panel.

6. Strong Security Features

Bluehost is one of the cheapest web hosts on our list. But despite this, you can be sure that your account and hosting will be protected from hacker attacks.

Even at the cheapest rates, Bluehost provides a complete security package including a free SSL certificate and two-factor authentication.

You can also enable the domain privacy feature, which hides the domain owner’s contact information. This helps prevent phishing attacks and other forms of hacking into your website.

SiteLock is also enabled by default to block malware attacks that are very common on WordPress sites.

Backup is provided by the CodeGuard system, which securely stores your data in the cloud for instant recovery of the site after hacking.

Postini, developed by Google, is a great security tool that is desirable to use. It is a reliable anti-spam protection for your email. Any suspicious emails just don’t get into your inbox.

These are the basic security features for your site that Bluehost provides by default.

7. Universal and Scalable Hosting Bluehost

Bluehost is a very large hosting provider that offers any hosting services, domain purchase and SSL. You will have no problems with expanding your project. You can choose shared web hosting and then switch to other rates or buy a dedicated server.

No matter how fast your project develops, you can always easily switch to a new server, staying on the Bluehost platform.

All transfers to new servers are very fast and your site does not experience any downtime.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and cPanel, you will be able to expand and manage your server.

8. Integration of Apps and E-Commerce

Bluehost provides unlimited access to a large number of applications and integration for your site. Use the most popular services to improve site performance and earnings.

Install sites on WordPress in 1 click, manage applications from a convenient panel, connect third-party programs and CDN. Do you want to launch an online store? Use e-Commerce with ready-made templates.

Over 500 applications and integrations are available through cPanel on Bluehost.

9. WordPress Officially Recommends Bluehost

WordPress is the most popular CMS that is used to create websites by far.

Hosting For WordPress
Recommended Hosting For WordPress

If you go to the official WordPress site in the “Hosting” menu, you will see 3 recommended web hosting services that are best suited to this CMS:

  • Bluehost
  • Dreamhost
  • SiteGround

These are just recommended WordPress hosts that are already optimized to the maximum for better performance and page loading speed. But you can choose any other reliable web hosting from our rating.

10. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*

Bluehost offers very good web hosting, but unfortunately the minimum payment is only possible from 1 year. For many, these are financial risks… You may not be suitable for hosting for various reasons, so Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee on your plans.

You can buy any hosting service and test it within 30 days. If for some reason it does not suit you, you have the right to return your money on these terms:

  • You can return the cost only for hosting services.
  • If you received a free domain for 1 year, this amount will be deducted from your account ~$15.99.
  • Any refund requests after more than 30 days will be ignored.

Some providers offer more flexible conditions for the refund, but if you follow all the rules, you will not have any problems.

11. 24/7 Support and Documentation

At Bluehost, the support team is available 24 hours a day and ready to help you at any time. If you are not a customer yet, you can contact the support service via the online chat on the main page and get qualified support and assistance in choosing a web hosting service.

For existing customers, the ticket system works through your personal account or you can call 888-401-4678.

The hosting service will always be happy to help and solve your problems. If you prefer to work out the problem yourself, the FAQ section will help you, where you can find the answers to any questions.

Cons For Bluehost Customers

As with all companies, Bluehost also has its drawbacks, which can dissuade you from using this hosting. Among the biggest disadvantages, I just want to note the paid relocation of the site and other prices for the extension of the annual plan. Let’s look at all the disadvantages in order and in more detail.

1. Increased Price For Hosting Renewal

Bluehost Renewal Price
Bluehost Renewal Price

Increasing the price of renewal is practised by many hosts, but is it fair? I don’t like these conditions very much… For example, one of my favorites, FastComet hosts, offers a fixed price of $2.95/mo, with no hidden fees.

Many hosting companies, to attract new customers, use promotions and set low prices for one month or for a year. But when you need to renew the tariff plan, you will pay at least double the initial price.

Keep in mind that after one year of hosting on Bluehost, you will pay from $7.99/mo.

2. Bluehost Unlimited Hosting? Not True!

Many providers promise unlimited hosting, but is it really so? Do not believe these words until you read the terms. Bluehost offers “Unlimited hosting”, but in fact it is not.

Unmetered Bandwidth
Unmetered Bandwidth*

Of course, if you have a new site and there is not a lot of traffic, you will not encounter problems and limitations. But, if you have a large project with a lot of traffic, you should carefully study all the terms of hosting services and limits.

You may face limitations in cases where you will have a sharp jump in traffic and a very large project that will require the placement of a large number of files. In this case, your site may take a long time to load or you will be asked to switch to a more expensive tariff plan.

If you have an attendance of no more than 10,000 people, you should not be affected by these issues.

3. Not Available Hosting

Bluehost is a great hosting company, but only for Linux. If you need a server on Windows, you’re in the wrong place.

Of course, this is not a problem for most users, as most sites work fine on Linux. But if you are an advanced user and want to run the server on Windows, you need to contact another provider, for example: HostGator, SmarterASP, GoDaddy, A2 Hosting.

4. Site Migration From Another Hosting Provider Is Not Free

Most hosting companies will transfer your site from another server for free, but not Bluehost. I do not know why they take money for this service, but apparently they have their own reasons for this….

To transfer your site from another host, you will need to pay a one-time fee of $149.99. This fee includes the transfer of up to five sites and other files.

They promise that the transfer will be very fast and painless for your site and that they will do everything.

I find this to be a very big, fat minus for Bluehost.

5. No Cloud Hosting

Bluehost, for some reason, does not yet offer cloud hosting services although it is a very popular service. If you want to use a reliable cloud hosting service, I advise you to consider DreamHost, SiteGround, Hostinger and 1&1 Ionos.

With cloud hosting, resources and files of your site are distributed among several servers, by which you can scale projects in real time.

You can use scalable cloud servers to process and store data. As a rule, payment is only for real consumption (pay-as-you-go).

Bluehost Hosting Packages Overview

We’ve talked before about how Bluehost offers a variety of hosting packages to suit all kinds of websites and website owners. Their main focus is providing beginner shared hosting and their WordPress hosting packages, but they’ve also got several other kinds of hosting packages on offer. Check through our Bluehost pricing guide to learn more.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of all the Bluehost hosting packages available to help you make the right decision for you and your website.

1. Shared Web Hosting

Basic – $2.75/mo* (Normally $7.99)
Plus – $5.45/mo* (Normally $10.99)
Choice Plus – $5.45/mo* (Normally $14.99)
Pro – $13.95/mo* (Normally $23.99)

Shared web hosting is a good choice for people who just want to have an online presence and don’t expect to get a lot of traffic. The upside is that it’s nice and cheap web hosting. The downside is that the website shares resources with other websites, so your website performance could be affected if another site on the server has a sudden increase in traffic.

Bluehost doesn’t offer shared web hosting on a month to month basis. Rather, they require that anyone who needs such a plan sign up for an annual plan instead. You can get a discount for signing up for a multi-year plan. The service costs $3.95 per month on a three-year plan. If you don’t want to commit to such a lengthy term you might want to go for the month-to-month options offered by HostGator.

Please note that Bluehost has introductory prices that are offered at a discounted rate. We don’t consier those discounted prices for our reviews, as those prices are designed to attract users through the door. We always list the true price that you can expect to pay after the introductory prices end.

The Basic shared hosting package – which is available from $7.99 per month on an annual contract basis – comes with a free domain that you keep for as long as you have Bluehost, a free domain name transfer, unlimited monthy data transfers, 50GB of storage, and five email addresses. The Plus package – which starts at $10.99 per month on an annual contract – includes unlimited storage and mailboxes and an antispam too. There’s also the Choice Plus package that starts at $14.99 per month with a one-year contract. This package includes domain privacy to mask your physical location for improved security. Finally, there’s the Pro plan at $23.99 per month on a one-year contract. This has everything that comes with the Choice Plus model as well as a free dedicated IP address.

2. Shared WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a content management system that powers many websites. It is simple to use and has a great plug-in and theme ecosystem to improve the functionality of a website. If you want to create a WordPress website then you can consider the three Linux-based packages Bluehost offers for WordPress; Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus.

The Basic plan – starting out at $7.99 per month – allows you to host a website and comes with a free SSL certificate, 50GB of SSD storage, and a free domain for a year. Then there’s the Plus plan, which starts out at $10.99 per month. This plan includes unlimited SSD storage and site hosting. The Choice Plus plan starts out at $14.99 per month includes CodeGuard Basic backup software.

Bluehost recently introduced a new category for WordPress hosting called WordPress Pro. WordPress Pro comes in three tiers and is a managed WordPress offering that provides your website with the best possible treatment including SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing tools. It also includes monthly data transfers, domains, subdomains, and storage. WordPress Pro accounts are also provided with staging areas users can test their site with before putting them live on the web. The three plans are Build, Grow, and Scale which start out at $29.99 per month, $39.99 per month, and $59.99 per month respectively.

The Build plan is offered with 100 free WordPress themes, malware protection and removal, daily scheduled backups, and domain privacy protection. The Grow plan comes with all of that and extra SEO tools, 10GB of video compression, and live ticket support. The Scale plan comes with all of that and even more; you’ll get unlimited video compression, live chat support, PayPal integration and unlimited backups and restore.

The content management system come preinstalled with Bluehost. As soon as you log into WordPress you’ll be able to create posts and pages and galleries just like with any other kind of self-hosted WordPress website.

Check our guide on How to Get Started with WordPress to learn more about the most popular content management system around.

3. Next-Gen VPS Hosting

Standard – $19.99/mo* (Normally $29.99)
Enhanced – $29.99/mo* (Normally $59.99)
Ultimate – $59.99/mo* (Normally $119.99)
If you’re looking for more power, expect to deal with a lot of traffic, or there are compliance conditions that mean you can’t use a shared server, then the Bluehost virtual private server (VPS) is worth considering. A VPS is similar to shared hosting in that websites share server resources, but there are two key differences; VPS hosting hosts less websites on the same server, and VPS providers guarantee each website a set amount of server resources. A website hosted on a VPS server could take the sudden influx of going viral on Reddit and come out standing.

Bluehost provides three tiers of their Linux-based VPS hosting services; ranging from a $29.99 per month Standard plan (30GB of solid-state storage, 2GB of memory, and unlimited monthly data transfers) to their $11.99 Ultimate plan (120GB of SSD storage, 8GB of memory, and unlimited monthly data transfers). Much like with other shared web hosting plans, VPS hosting plans are offered with discounts for long-term contracts. Unfortunately, Bluehost doesn’t provide Windows-based VPS services.

These plans are attractive, but the Hostwinds Shared plan is our Editor’s Choice for VPS hosting. For just $3.50 you’ll get 18.5GB of RAM, unlimited monthly data transfers, unlimited emails, and Windows-based/Linux-based server options. If you were to build (or migrate) a website built on an ASP.NET framework then you’re sure to appreciate the Windows-based offerings at Hostwinds.

4. Dedicated Hosting

Standard – $79.99/mo* (Normally $119.99)
Enhanced – $99.99/mo* (Normally $159.99)
Premium – $119.99/mo* (Normally $209.99)
Dedicated hosting is a kind of web hosting that offers more power. It provides your site with all of the resources available on a server. If you’re expecting to get a lot of traffic, then you need to get dedicated hosting. It’s the only way you’ll be able to deal with the traffic. Bluehost offers several great dedicated server offerings. Their dedicated servers start out at $109 per month with room for a Linux operating system and up to 1TB of hard drive space, 15TB of data transfers per month, and 16GB of RAM. That’s what you get from HostMonster.

These numbers are great, but the Shared plan offered by AccuWeb – available for $3.36 – is our Editors’ Choice when it comes to dedicated web hosting. It trumps Bluehost by offering Windows servers as well as Linux ones. Having the option to choose Windows is critical for people who use Microsoft sitebuilding tools to create their website.

5. Reseller Hosting (ResellerClub)

If you’ve thought about becoming a web hosting provider yourself but you’ve been put off by having to deal with infrastructure, then consider the Bluehost reseller hosting packages. They have four plans available that start out at $19.99 per month. All of the plans offering unlimited email, cPanel creation, and website hosting.

Their servers are made on Linux, but not every tier comes with unlimited monthly data transfers or storage. You can, however, get that with HostWind – our editor’s choice. One upside to choosing Bluehost is that you can apply any of your own branding to the server and you’ll get complete 24/7 support.

Main Features Of Web Hosting

By now you should have a good understanding of what kind of services Bluehost provide. Here’s a look at the general feature set you can expect to get with most hosting plans;

1. Website Builder by Bluehost

Bluehost offers a variety of tools for creating websites, managing email, filtering spam, managing domains, and collecting site statistics. There’s the WordPress content management platform and the Weebly website builder to build your website; File Manager to upload files with FTP; and goMobi Mobile Web Builder available as an extra paid add-on.

The drag and drop features of Weebly make it super simple to create an attractive website page complete with social media links, contact forms, slideshows, and more. The Weebly free version offers some basic functionality (the ability to create up to six web pages and use custom HTML), but if you spend $8.99 per month to upgrade to the Professional tier you can get more flexibility (password protection pages, custom themes, and more).

Mojo Marketplace is another great resource for finding and downloading content-management systems and site builders. The marketplace is a separate service and interface, but it’s the place to go to get more capabilities and functions for your website. The Bluehost Mojo Marketplace is similar to the iPage marketplace.

2. WooCommerce Auto-Install (E-Commerce)

E-commerce users can get email marketing tools like DaDa Mail (available at $34.95 per year), software that allows you to send an email-based newsletter to your subscriber list. To create an online store or be able to accept payments you can use e-commerce applications such as ShopSite, Magento, and the TransFirst Payment gateway. Magento uses a simple drag and drop interface that makes it easy to put together an effective and attractive website. Magento offers more flexibility than ShopSite, but the simpler interface of ShopSite allows you to get a simple and lcean looking storefront ready to go quicker. This could be time well saved for a small business.

Another great thing about Bluehost is that it supports PostgreSQL and MySQL. You’ve got the choice to install more software than with a service that only supports the popular MySQL.

3. User-Friendly Hosting Control Panel

Bluehost provides an intuitive custom control panel that is built from the industry standard cPanel to be even better. You’ll easily be able to add applications to a website, manage email accounts and domain names, manage all of your websites, and do so much more.

4. Domain and Email Functions

As well as offering hosting, there’s a whole host of email features and domain features to enjoy. If you manage domain names through Bleuhost, for example, then you get access to an intuitive dashboard you can use to transfer domains and purchase new domain names. There’s also the option to add an unlimited number of email accounts for domain-specific email accounts. The service lets you set up email accounts and forward emails, along with other features.

5. Install Main CMS in 1-Click

Like many other beginner-friendly hosts there’s an easy-to-use one-click install option available here. The application allows you to quickly and easily install several different applications, CMS, and other software to the website. If you wanted to quickly create a WordPress site, for example, then choose WordPress and enter the information you need. One click later and WordPress is automatically installed ready to go on the website. The same thing applies if you want to install other kinds of CMS or ecommerce platforms such as Magento.

6. High-Quality And Modern Servers

Something you should always look for when choosing a host is the quality of the server hardware. One way that hosting companies cut costs is to use outdated hardware. The good news is that Bluehost invest in the latest and greatest technology. Their servers are all hand-built with top quality hardware. They are made with ultra-fast SSD drives and Bluehost do everything in their power to support the latest hardware.

Do I Recommend Using Bluehost Hosting?

Bluehost comes totally recommened. They are a reliable, high-performance hosting provider. With some of the fastest speeds and reliable uptime that ranks among the best and most consistent in the industry, this is a hosting provider that should be on your radar.

Bluehost offer affordable feature-packed plans. With all their different plans you’re sure to find the right plan and package for your website.

Finally, anyone looking to find a high-quality WordPress host needs to take a look at what Bluehost can offer. They provide high quality WordPress hosting that comes recommended by the people at WordPress themselves.

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