Advertiser Disclosure

SmartAdvice.Host earns a profit through commissions.

Our company receives commissions (affiliate fees) from some services and products recommended on the site.

We receive a commission when you click on affiliate links, go to the affiliate’s sites and there purchase a product or service. This can be web hosting, domain purchase, or website design.

Why are we partners?

Our site earns exclusively on affiliate commissions, making reviews of popular hosting and services for online business. This helps us to avoid Intrusive banner ads and keep our site clean.

Do not worry, we do reviews only for quality services that we use personally.

All our reviews are written from the heart, we love our work, which helps us to always keep the information up-to-date.

Choosing a good hosting or any service can take a long time, so we did almost all the work for you. We personally registered on each site, paid for services, and drew conclusions.

How is retying formed on the website?

We do not have a clear retying on the site. All sites from the list are formed from our personal preferences and experience. Nobody pays us for the first places in retying or for banner advertising.

Our task is to honestly write all the pros and cons of the sites that we have tested.

Why are we talking about this?

We love honesty and transparency in business. Therefore, we do not hide what we earn from affiliate programs.